We deliver several measurements prefabricated floors. All components are fabricated on our own factory.

The advantages:
* easy laying without specialized equipment
* strong and modern construction
* fast and durable
* spans up to 19.7 feet!

You can order your prefabricated concrete floors with us. All components are produced in our own factory;
Some advantages of our prefabricated concrete floors are:
- Floors are prefabricated, so there is no need for specialized tools or specialized construction workers to lay it;
- It's a strong and modern construction;
- It's faster and more valuable than a traditional floor;
- Spans up to 19,7 feet are possible.


Regarding a quotation we have standard forms you can fill out which we will of course gladly assist you with. Subsequently we will hand you a quotation and delivery terms without obligation.

At our office, we always have standard quotation request forms ready for you, which, if needed, we can fill out with you. Upon filing these forms, we will supply you with a quotation without engagement, with rates and delivery periods as soon as possible.

Build houses, swimming pools, water works and complete projects.

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